Taslim Dawan

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Taslim Dawan, Sjafril Darana

    Field research in the area of duck production center at the northern coast of West Java Cirebon, and Subang Regency has been conducted to determine the characteristics of duck hatching eggs process by using a structured survey method. Survey conducted to a group of duck eggs hatching. Interviews with several actors hatching duck eggs with using a questionnaire. Technical and economic data collected includes germ eggs, original germ eggs number of hatching eggs and number of eggs hatch, egg price, hatching process and DOD sales, DOD prices, costs and the acceptance of the operations results. The data then tabulated and analyzed. The results showed that the hatching of DOD was sold to a group of farmers producing eggs and the farming system in breeders group of meat-producing farming system (drakes), field cultivation system from farmers' majority producing more eggs than male duck farming system. Ducks derived from the cultivation of male ducks were not found in duck farming depends on the season and mostly only exist around the hatchery. Results of the analysis show that the profile of hatching duck eggs business in the research area are still very profitable. Hatchery business profile based on the calculation Benefit Cost Ratio, Break Even Point the price of production and the business volume, gives the value of B / C 1.68, BEP DOD production price of Rp 4500, - / bird and BEP production volume DOD 44,661.- bird / year.

Key words: profile analysis, business hatcheries, duck eggs, DOD