Roxana Nicoleta RaŢu

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Roxana Nicoleta Raţu, M.G. Usturoi

    To increase shelf-life time of eggs, were introduced the so called derivates from eggs, foods which keep in a great rate the quality of natural products, but which have a much more better preservation than egg. Importance of the research carried out in the current paper derives from realization of an evaluation for physical-chemical indicators specific to liquid products obtained from eggs (pasteurized melange, pasteurized albumen and pasteurized yolk), preserved and stored in different regimes of microclimate. To achieve the proposed goal were constituted 6 research batches (3 control batches stored at temperature of +4°C and RM = 90% and 3 experimental batches stored at temperature of +22÷+32°C and RM = 50÷70%) each of them being kept for a period of 90 days, determinations being made at each 30 days. Analysed parameters were pH value, content in water, dry matter and minerals. Regarding pH value, the higher increase was recorded for pasteurized yolk, difference at the end of storage period being higher with 2.74% at product kept in refrigeration regime and with 12.89% at the one stored at room temperature, difference being very significant . Experimental factors didn't affect water content, neither dry matter contents and at the level of analysed mineral components recorded differences were insignificant.

Key words: pasteurization, storage, quality