Ingrid Aspazia Gruber

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Ingrid Aspazia Gruber, I. Gîlcă, A. Gruber

    The purpose of this paper was to establish the variation of milk production for Sura de Stepa breed based on the fact that this breed was the focus of many researchers lately. The biological material was represented by a number of 48 cows of Sura de Stepa breed from three locations (SC Boviselect SRL, Neamt, SC Modern Farm SRL, Cluj-Napoca and SCDCB - Dancu, Iasi). The indices of milk production were calculated based on the production records of the above mentioned units and were statistically interpreted with the help of the program Microsoft Excel from the Microsoft Office package and finally the variation estimators (arithmetic average, the average standard deviation and the variation coefficient) for the analysed parameters were established. The milk production indices that were taken into account, were: the duration of the normal and total lactation, the fat and protein content in milk, procentually expressed also in kg. The duration of normal lactation has varied between 214,1 days for the cows from SC Boviselect SRL and 288,4 days for the cows from SC Modern Farm SRL and the total one was between 321 days for the cows from SC Modern Farm and 361 days from the specimens from SCDCB Dancu. The minimum milk production was of 1878 litres and the maximum was of 3726,8 litres, both values being registered at SCDCB Dancu. The fat content was of about 4% and the protein content was over 3% for all the cows from the three locations.

Key words: milk production, Grey Steppe, milk fat, milk protein