I.B. Pagu

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I.B. Pagu, E. Măgdici, C.E. Nistor, A.C. Barbacariu, C. Cioran, B. Păsărin

    Trout meat present a series of nutritive qualities, which are mainly conferred by its high content in complete proteins, lipids with a high unsaturation degree, in lipo and hydrosoluble vitamins, as well as in mineral salts. To achieve the goals of the current paper was chemically analysed meat gathered from 60 individuals of rainbow trout, 20 individuals for each age stage (2nd summer, 3rd summer and 4th summer), so the evaluation of chemical features of meat gathered from three rainbow batches were realised in according with the actual standards. Research consists in determination of content in water, dry matter, proteins, lipids and raw ash. Trout from analysed batches were reared in salmonid units situated in Neamt County, and during research those ones were differentially feed from qualitative and quantitative point of view. At the end of chemical composition determination of the meat gathered from rainbow trout individuals from those three experimental batches were obtained values between 23.76 and 27.08% for dry matter, between 18.47 and 19.92 % for proteins, respectively between 4.22 and 5.86 % for lipids.

Key words: chemical composition, rainbow trout, proteins, dry matter, lipids