Gh. Gutt

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Gh. Gutt, S. Paduret, Sonia Amariei, M. Chelaru

   The possibility of correlating parameters of primary and secondary texture of chopped beef type Hamburger, with composition for Arab countries, with its freshness was the goal of this study. Texture profile analysis (TPA) was made for six days and the samples were kept refrigerated between analyzes at 6oC. Sample sizes were: height of 30 mm and diameter of 35 mm. The texture profile analysis of fried Hamburger for 10 minutes at 300oC was conducted for comparison. For tests an electronic texturometer was used. Follow texture parameters were hardness, viscosity, gumozitatea, adhesiveness, cohesiveness, elasticity, chewability. The texture parameters such as: hardness, viscosity, gumminess, adhesiveness, cohesiveness, elasticity, chewability were analyzed. Pearson analysis of these texture parameters was used to establish their relevance. Analysis of the most representative texture parameter in Pearson hierarchy was made according to the sensitivity of the test method defined by the slope of the growth curve of force - displacement and the correlation coefficient R2. The final analysis showed that the texture parameter that highlights the best chopped meat freshness of beef Hamburger, with composition for Arab countries, is the hardness.

Key words: chopped meat, freshness, TPA