C.E. Nistor

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C.E. Nistor, I.B. Pagu, E. Măgdici, Mădălina Iuliana Iordache, B. Păsărin

   Research were carried out on a number of 30 individuals of brown, brook and rainbow trout, 10 individuals for each batch; selected individuals been collected from an salmonid exploitation in Suceava County. The studied trout's were slaughtered and then were gathered samples (side muscles), which were evaluated for collagen content, histological studies and rate of losses at different processing types (frying and frying preceded by flouring). For collagen content, the obtained values were between 3.82 and 4.17%. Histological studies for side muscles gathered from rainbow, brook and brown trout, revealed a mean diameter of muscle fibre of 58.11±3.84 µ in the case of rainbow trout specimens, 89.94±4.32 for brook trout specimens and 97.21±5.30 µ at brown trout specimens. Between the two processing types applied to trout meat, the highest losses were recorded at frying - in average 33.36% and the lowest ones were observed at frying preceded by flouring - in average 30.45%.

Key words: technological features, trout, collagen, tissues, losses by processing

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