Cristina Simeanu

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Cristina Simeanu, D. Simeanu, B. Păsărin

Research were carried out on a number of 40 individuals of Polyodon spathula sturgeon (paddlefish) of different ages (P.s.0+, P.s. 1+, P.s. 2+, P.s. 3+), 10 individuals from each category of age; fishes were gathered from a fishery farm from the north of Botoşani County. The studied paddlefish were slaughtered and then were gathered samples (side muscles), which were evaluated for collagen content, establishment of the main tissue categories and rate of losses at different processing types (boiling, frying and frying preceded by flouring). For collagen content, the obtained values were between 3.99 and 4.21%. Regarding the rate of the main tissue categories in composition of side muscles from Polyodon spathula sturgeon breed (4th summer), was observed that the mean rate of muscular tissues was 70.47%, while mean rate of conjunctive tissues was of only 29.52%. From all the applied processing types to Polyodon spathula sturgeon breed meat (paddlefish), the highest losses were recorded at frying - in average 37.7% and the lowest ones were observed at boiling - in average 30.86%. At processing of paddlefish meat by flouring and frying were recorded mean losses of 33.11%.

Key words: technological features, Polyodon spathula, collagen, tissues, losses by processing