Valentina Cebotari

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Valentina Cebotari, I. Toderas, I. Buzu, V. Rudic

The goal of this study was bio stimulator effect demonstration of nutritional supplements of sugar syrup enriched with extract stem biomass of cyanobacteria Spirulina platensis, grown on the base of monochloroacetic tetra hydrated zinc remedy, on morphological indices of Apis mellifera bee colonies. In bees feeding was tested an energy-mineral -protein nourishing supplement "Apispir+Zn", composed of sugar syrup in proportion 1:1, enriched with extract stem biomass of cyanobacteria Spirulina platensis, grown on base of coordination compound of monochloroacetic tetra hydrated zinc [Zn(CH2ClCOO)2·12H2O], administrated in component of nutritive medium in amount of 30 ... 35 mg / L, in the first three days of cultivation. The extract stem biomass of cyanobacteria Spirulina platensis was obtained by repeated extraction of biologically active substances with alcoholic solution and NaOH solution, centrifugation, combination of obtained supernatants, and dialysis up to 7.5...8.5 pH with obtaining of final extract. Nutritional supplements "Apispir + Zn" was tested on two analogous batches, with 10 families in each batch, including: - Ist batch - control, whose bees received as food sugar syrup 1:1, in a quantity of 100 ... 130 mL for a frame with bees, every two days, for two weeks; - IInd batch - experimental bees, which received as food sugar syrup 1:1 in same quantity, enriched with supplement "Apispir + Zn" in relation to 500:1, respectively syrup and extract. In early May, before main harvest season, were studied the main morphological productive characters and features of bee colonies. The test results showed that feeding bees with nutritional supplement "Apispir + Zn" in early spring, during the poor harvest in nature, contributed to a significant increase of the value of the bee families main morphological and productive characters. Thus, bee colonies from experimental batch, which received as food nutritional supplement enriched with "Apispir + Zn", exceeded the other batch of bees: after queen prolificacy - with 607 eggs/24 hours, or with 32.5% (P<0.01), the amount of covered brood - with 73 hundred cells, or with 32.6% (P<0.01), colony strength - with 0.4 kg or 18.1% (P<0.01) resistance to disease - with 12.5 percentage points, or with 15.5% (P<0.001), flight intensity - with 2.0 bees / minute, or 20.8% (P<0.01), amount of honey gathered in the nest - with 1.54 kg, or 56.8% (P<0.001), the amount of bee bread gathered in the nest - with 20.0 hundred cells, or with 58.3% (P <0.01).

Key words: bio stimulator, "Apispir+Zn", productivity, bee, colonies