G.V. Hoha

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G.V. Hoha, Elena Costăchescu, Aurelia Nica, I. Bănăţean Dunea, B. Păsărin

This study is realised for appreciate the influence of physical and chemical factors of the microclimate and their impact on the health and production of swine. The research has been done in 2 types of housing (shelter classic and shelter summer) from an intensive swine farm in spring, summer and autum conditions. The physical (temperature, U.R. and stream of air) and chemical (CO2, NH3 and H2S) factors features of the microclimate have been determined through methods specific. The study has also had in view assessment the medium weight from weaning to finishing and pigs mortality. The level of the microclimatic factors analysed did not correspond always to growth parameters of pigs. The results obtained show significant differences between the 2 type of housing systems. The weight at 280 days was 98.3 kg for pigs increase in shelter classic versus 101.2 kg for pigs increase in shelter summer. For fattening period average daily gain was 0,385 kg/day versus 0,407 kg/day and feed conversion rate was 4.72 kg versus 4.52 kg. At pigs studied, no mortality was recorded throughout the experiment, which shows very good resistance of this to deseases.

Key words: pigs, microclimate, growth, production, Mangalica