I. BĂnĂŢean-Dunea

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I. Bănăţean-Dunea, M. Bura, A. Grozea, Silvia Patruica, Eliza Simiz

Carrying out a research on a topic of this kind completes the missing elements from the literature in Romania and also depicts the native Schneider population from the Nădrag River basin. The biological material aged 3-5 has been collected through an electric fishing device from the basin of the Nădrag River, a river from the Banat Hydrographical Space, Timiş Hydrographical Basin. The number of collected individuals from the aquatic environment for the investigation was 60. After the collection, the biological material has been anesthetized with MS-222 for reducing stress induced by actions undergone within the working protocol. Any characteristic that regards the body development at Schneider females in the Nădrag River is directly proportional to the development of another characteristic. Thus one of the characters change, entails the change of other in the same direction. The most connections of Schneider females are positively connected with thresholds between p<0.05 and p<0.001. Insignificant correlations have been found between the length of the caudal peduncle and the length of the head (r= 0.808; p= 0.808) and between the body mass and the length of the mouth peak. (r= 0.276; p= 0.077). Regarding Schneider males it has been observed the fact that all connections between the analyzed characteristics are positively connected with thresholds between p<0.05 and p<0.001. The exception to this is the positive connection between the length of the mouth peak and the length of the caudal peduncle that is insignificant since it represents a threshold of p= 0.129 (p>0.05).

Key words: economic efficiency, intensive fattening, pigs