B.V. Avarvarei

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B.V. Avarvarei, M.G. Usturoi, Al. Usturoi

The current paper try to realise an analyses of commodity for some fresh milk assortments sold on Iasi city market. We intended to present to the consumer all the characteristics marked on the label such as: fat content, data which must appear on the label (nutritive value, shelf life, storage temperature, ingredients, producer, distributer, bar code, stamp of the veterinary-sanitary authority, etc.) and the design. To determinate the fat content marked on the box (1.5%) we used to methods: acid-butyrometric method and colorimetric one (with the help of an Ekomilk device) and for the rest we applied the observation method regarding the design and box labelling. We studied five different assortments of fresh milk. By applying the acid butyrometric method the mean values of fat percent varied between limits of 1.33% (Delisio milk, producer S.C. Promilch S.R.L) and 1.42% (Napolact milk, producer S.C. Napolact S.A). At using the colorimetric method, mean values of fat content were placed between 1.340% (Delisio milk, producer S.C. Promilch S.R.L) and 1.4268% (Napolact milk, producer S.C. Napolact S.A). Fat content marked on the label (1.5%) of "fresh milk" assortment had close value to the one written on the package. The analysed product (fresh milk) was in according with the legislation according labelling. It could be found useful information for consumers such as: fat content, nutritive value of the product, shelf life, used ingredients, dates about producer and distributer, certification of a veterinary-sanitary authority, bar code, storage temperature, etc.

Key words: analyse, fat percent, fresh milk, label design, consumer