G. Hoha

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G. Hoha, B. Păsărin, Elena Costăchescu, C. Radu, Adina Petreanu

This study is an experiment which was carried out to compare the reproductive performance of Mangalita sows exploited in two different breeding systems: traditional and intensive. We investigated several reproductive parameters: the age at the first insemination, weight at the first insemination, prolificacy, amount of piglets farrowed dead, piglets average weight at birth and the survival percentage till weaning. The results were better on all analyzed indicators in intensive system, compared to the traditional system (age at first mating 280 vs 345 days, average prolificacy 7.85 vs 7.1 piglets, piglet average weight at birth 1.1 vs 1.05kg etc.). The results indicated that both exploiting systems can be successfully adopted as production systems. The choice of husbandry system should depend especially on market requirements for such products.

Key words: Mangalita, sows, exploiting systems