Casiana-Agatha Apetroaei (Petrescu)

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Casiana-Agatha Apetroaei (Petrescu), Roxana Lazăr, M.M. Ciobanu, P.C. Boişteanu

The purpose of the present study was to highlight the importance of the chemical composition of turkey meat on the human alimentation. The biological material used was represented by the principal muscular regions B.U.T. Big 6 hybrid groups. The objective pursued in the study was represented by: determination of protein, fat, water and collagen percent from the major muscular of the turkey carcasses. The main chemical components were determined using the automatic analyzer Food Check. The tests carried out have revealed the following results: in what concerns the average percent of water, 69.8% was determined in the breast, 71.94% in the superior thigh, 70.58% in the inferior thigh, 70.76% in the wings while the dry substance has registered average values of 30.2% in the breast, 28.06% and 30.43% in the superior thigh, respectively the inferior one and 33.23% in the wings. These investigations are part of a larger study whose primary goal is to characterize the chemical properties of the meat obtained from turkey hybrids destined for meat production.

Key words: turkey, chemical composition, meat