Al. Usturoi

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Al. Usturoi, I. Vacaru-Opriş, M.G. Usturoi

Research of the current study aimed to establish, based on body dimensions, some corporal indexes considered to be representative for Great Alexander parakeets. Determinations were carried out on a total number of 60 individuals (separate on females, males and both sexes), raised in three aviary farms from Moldova and which were noted in a symbolic way with L1, L2 and L3. The main corporal indexes calculated were: pectoral muscles development index, skeleton index and compactness index. Pectoral muscles development index presented the highest values, of 82.54 ± 1.53 in L1 aviary, followed by L3 aviary, with 82.44 ± 1.12 and by L2 batch, with 80.11 ± 1.88. The average value of compactness index oscillated, in both genders, between 148.01 ± 2.83 in L2 batch and 148.17 ± 3.39 in L3 batch with intermediate value of 148.17 ± 3.39 in L1 batch. Skeleton index oscillated, for both genders, between 68.61 ± 1.79 in L1 batch and 69.41 ± 1.90 in L2 batch. The obtained results are from a large series of research and aimed to develop the knowledge area regarding this category of birds.

Key words: corporal indexes, determinations, parakeets, Great Alexander, corporal dimensions