Aida Albu

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Aida Albu, I.M. Pop, Cristina Radu-Rusu

Calcium and phosphorus are found in the highest proportion in the animal body. The elements have an important role in the development and maintenance of the organism. These two macroelements should be analyzed together when feed ration of dairy cows is formed, because the ratio Ca:P may affect their absorption and utilization in the body, while an insufficient intake limits the nutritional value ration. The purpose of this study was to determine calcium and phosphorus concentration of 39 samples of feeds used in feeding dairy cows (alfalfa, corn silage, alfalfa hay, middlings corn, sunflower meal, and wheat bran). The calcium concentration was assessed by atomic absorption spectrometry method, while phosphorus concentration was measured through spectrophotometric method. Average concentration of calcium, at dry mass, from analyzed samples ranged from 0.84 g/kg to 12.18 g/kg and average concentration of phosphorus ranged between 1.05 g/kg and 10.24 g/kg. The results can be used to design a dairy cow ration that meets the calcium and phosphorus requirements.

Key words: calcium, phosphorus, feed, dairy cows