Roxana Florea

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Roxana Florea, Elena Gîndu

The study regarding the milk and dairy products offer was made at "SC Ilvas SA" Vaslui, unit that has as its main activity the production and processing milk and dairy products. In the 2004-2009 period, the dairy cows number in Romania decreased with approximately 90 thousands heads, the most dramatic drop being registered in 2007, when approximately 40 thousands dairy cows have been slaughtered. However, the milk production maintained at approximately 600 thousands tones annually, due to an increase of the average production up to 2900 l per cow. For this reason, the companies in the field maintained the recommended milk acquisition prices at the 0.5-0.7 lei/l level. These actions have attenuated in some sort the critical situation from the primary sector, affecting, however, the processing units' activity. The production stocks (butter, powder milk, cheeses) attested by the end of November 2009, according to the National Statistics Institute, in value indexes, constituted 101.3 mil. Lei and the unpaid credits for the collected milk were of approximately 14 mil.lei. in the 2008-2009 period, the dairy products marketing evolved very slowly, being reduced (in six months) with approximately 39 mil. lei and the stocks having the following values: butter -271 tones, powder milk -491 tones, cheeses- 623 tones, representing 62,1 mil. lei. To emphasize the most important aspect regarding the milk and dairy products offer at SC Ilvas SA" Vaslui quantitative and value indexes from the 2004-2009 period have been used.

Key words: demands, offer, market, dairy products, milk