Mihaela-Minela Popescu

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Mihaela-Minela Popescu, Melania-Maria Popescu

Negotiation is a concentrated form and interactive inter-human communication in which two or more parties to disagree aim to reach an agreement that solves a common problem or achieve a common goal. When you negotiate intelligently engage both sides in finding the real value of business.
Young people must develop their entrepreneurial skills and to recognize that for success in business is necessary to know how to address the type of negotiation partner in the undertaking - distributive bargaining, integrative bargaining, rational negotiation. This will allow achieving a high professional competence and the existing labor market flexibility, qualities needed in a modern and changing world. The purpose of any negotiations should not be to "win" negotiating any price, but to "win" the deal negotiated.
Negotiation helps everyone, defines responsibilities, clarifying ambiguities and search value.

Key words: commercial negotiations, competition, negotiation techniques