Livia Vidu

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Livia Vidu, Alina Udroiu, R. Popa, V. Băcila, Dana Popa

Within the family Bovidae, buffaloes belonging to three genera: Bubalus, Syncerus, and Anoa. The only genre that led to the emergence of domestic is Bubalus, of the types of marsh and freshwater. In our country, increase the coastal type, which is also called the Mediterranean. In terms of milk production, buffalo, cattle are distinguished by the quantity of milk less, during lactation reduced the percentage of fat greater than 123%, protein content 25% higher.
The purpose of this study was to highlight the influence of season on the quantity and chemical composition of buffalo milk. To make qualitative measurements using a portable device. Animals subject to our observation from households located in the counties of Olt and Teleorman. Buffaloes were different ages, different lactations that were fed different food-summer season was the administration of the green table, and winter forage nutritive value medium fibrous and sometimes small amounts of concentrates. Births were conducted during the fall, that in August-October. In autumn-winter season, the fat content of milk is high, increasing continuously until the end of lactation. Protein content decreases during the winter months and begins to rise with the onset of spring. The amount of milk showed a peak in the first month of lactation-winter season, after which there was a steady decline.

Key words: season, milk fat, protein feed