Fl.D. Puscaciu

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Fl.D. Puscaciu, Rose-Marie Puscaciu

Our intention is to contribute to the fulfillment of a foray into the first model of the location theory seat forth by von Thunen in the work entitled "The isolated state", issued in 1826. The author - considered as a pioneer in the economic science succeeded to made a geographical model based on distance and zone. Starting from the spatial configuration similarly to the Thunen's we intend to present the conditions of building up a monocentric economy, with modern instruments. We wish to approach the making up of the equilibrium prices which appear for the industrial and agricultural products for different placements. We will find out the incomes of the zone, the real and nominal wages. Further, we will relaxe the restriction as for the registration or the industrial activity only in the town, and we will show the conditions which will generate a spur for the industrial firms in order to change the location. So that, they can consider that a monocentric configuration is sustenable, only if there is not another placement which could offer a bigger real salary for the workers. This approach suppose to obtain and to study of a function of potential. All these aspects are studied both on the base of some numerical simulation, and of some graphic building up. We think that with the help of our approach they could determine the influence factors in the placement of the industrial and agricultural activities.

Key words: distance, equilibrium prices, agricultural, industrial, location