E. Murad

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E. Murad, N. Lungu, Georgeta Haraga, C. Sima

The paper analyzes an alternative to the heating of broiler houses with thermic energy produced thru thermo-chemical gasification of biomass available locally in cross-flow gasifier. Different types of heating installations will be studied using biomass from functional, energetic, automatic control as well as from economical and environmental point of view.
For the performance evaluation we have used a simulation program of the microclimate from the broiler houses on permanent layer CLIMPUI05, in which simulation modules of the thermal instalations with biomass were introduced. The comparation of the performances is made in a broiler house usually heated with hot air generators fed with diesel fuel.
The local biomass used in the process, having relatively low price, compete to the CO2 emission reducing, and to the development of productive activities that increase the employment of rural population, being integrated into the concept of sustainable development of agriculture.

Key words: broiler house, heating, biomass, gasification