Cristina Simeanu

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Cristina Simeanu, D. Simeanu, C. Nistor, B. Păsărin

The research was conducted on a total number of 30 Spathula paddlefish sturgeons of various ages (10 P.s.1+ fishes, 10 P.s.2+ fishes and 10 P.s.3+ fishes) from a farm in the county of Botosani. To determine the slaughter yield, the specimens were beheaded, eviscerated and their fins were removed. Warm slaughter yield stood between 56.12 - 57.78% and after chilling was lower by 0.94% - 1.30%. After cutting we found that fish head weight ranged from 26.34 - 27.04%; 2.99 - 3.27% at fins, visceral mass weight ranged from 10.60 - 12.78%. Carcass weight was 56.12% in the second summer, 57.36% for the third summer and 57.78% for the fourth one, which shows that the ratio is in favour of the edible portion being greater than 50%. Fish's fillet at the studied Spathula paddlefish ranged between 29.30 - 31.19%. Analyzing the weight of the three studied organs were found that higher ratio is at liver, between 1.0 and 1.2% followed by spleen with a ratio of 0.3 to 0.4%, heart having a ratio of 0.10 - 0.15%. The slaughter yield and the ratio of cut portions indicate that Spathula paddlefish specie is a valuable fish, in terms of meat quantity production.

Key words: slaughter yield, Spathula paddlefish, cut portions