C. Ivas

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C. Ivas, Gh. Solcan, Geta Pavel, Ionela Burcă, R. Malancuş

The experimental study reported in the present paper was performed on rabbits for making evident the effect of various bee venom doses on dynamics of exploration serum biochemical parameters of hepatic and renal function. On this purpose three experimental groups were chosen and bee venom inoculated by three stings (E1 group), 6 stings (E2 group and 12 stings (E3 group). Prior to inoculation and at time intervals of 2 h, 6 h and 24 h after inoculation blood samples were taken off and submitted to biochemical investigations (ALT, AST, GGT, alkaline phosphatase - ALP, creatinine and urea).
The obtained results made evident a hepatic cytotoxic effect (by ALT and AST increase) noticed 24 h. after inoculation at the E1 group and even after 2-6 h. at the E2 and E3. groups. The serum level of ALP was found to decrease slightly 2 and 6 h.after inoculation for every experimental group while after 24 h a clear increase although below the complete limit of the reference values was noticed with the E2 and E3 groups only. The serum concentration of GGT was found to decrease gradually along the 24 h. interval for every group under study although between physiological limits. As regards the renal biochemical parameters a surprising evolution was noticed - at the E3 group the creatinine decreased below the minimum reference limit 6 h. after inoculation and the urea already increased in the inoculation time was continuously increasing 2h and 6h after inoculation, decreasing to the normal value limits after 24 h at E2 and E3.
In conclusion, the present study made evident an acute and subacute hepatotoxic effect of the bee venom depending on the dose but did not confirm the nefrotoxic effect sustaining on the contrary the theory of the beneficial effect for the homeostasis of the organism metabolic processes.

Key words: bee venom, sting, rabbit, ALT, AST, GGT, ALP, creatinine, urea