Şt. Lazăr

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Şt. Lazăr, O.C. Vornicu, A.A. Prelipcean

It points out the need to change the mentality of the technologies used in agriculture, default chemicalization, use of pesticides and animal growth biostimulatorilor and beyond.These have to be tempered first under biological laws, and after that under economic criteria and not vice versa as it has been done before. The technologies used to increase productivity in agriculture have evolved continuously, and if at first the effects were considered beneficial for mankind, then we found that things are not quite so. The same thing happened with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which were "experienced" with great expectations. In the developed material, the authors present some information on the evolution, criticism and failure of GMOs. Today, based on overwhelming evidence, there is a growing opposition to GM products, despite the offensive of some production corporations. More intensive work is needed from the environmental organizations and forums, in order for the governments officials to be able to make decisions, to act in the interest of a healthy diet of humans and animals.

Key words: GMO, transgenic agriculture, ecological balance