S. Brezuleanu

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S. Brezuleanu, Carmen-Olguţa Brezuleanu

As regards competition, we should mention the following aspects: on the internal market, the company has many important competitors who try to obtain a larger share on the market. As the policy of the firm is oriented on the market of Iasi County, the pressure on short term does not seem to affect the farm's activity. But on the local market, the company faces very strong competition from the foreign companies that offer the same products, but superior from the qualitative point of view, which forces us to offer lower prices in order to maintain the share market, but with no special effect, as the products of the society are goods with inelastic demand since the modification of the price can determine the modification of their demand to a lower extent. The survival and development of the agricultural exploitation depend on its capacity to adapt and answer to the external exigencies, on the competitive advantages and distinctive competences which they have in comparison to the rival companies. Having in view the extension and specificity of the competition, as well as the characteristics of the micro-medium of the firm, in this stage it is important to reveal the main characteristics and tendencies which manifest themselves in different sectors of the macro medium i.e. economic, technical, social-cultural, political and physical. The price of the products - is not influenced by the competition's price, as in case in which the demand for a certain product is lower, the firm lowers the price by reducing the profit obtained on product unit, the decrease being compensated by selling other products - with a larger demand - with a price which is included a larger profit than the regular one. Inflation and the financial blocking represent the factors that have had a negative impact on the firm's activity, as well as of other firms that collaborate with it; they are on the top list of the negative phenomena that the transition process reveal.

Key words: development, agricultural exploitation, competition, market economy, Central Moldavian Plateau