Doina Leonte

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Doina Leonte, C. Leonte, Lenuţa Fotea

The health of animals raised in intensive system is influenced by many factors, including, most can be directed and controlled by man.
Among these factors, water quality plays a very important.
The paper presents results of studies of physical-chemical parameters of drinking water in poultry farm SC Bio-Top-Ovo Ltd. Lipova, Vaslui.
Each analysis must match a STAS, according to Laws 458/2002 and 311/2004 on drinking water quality, such as:
-Ammonium determination is made that Stas 6328-85
-Determination of nitrites meet Stas 3048/2-96
-Assessment of water conductivity is that Stas ISO 7722-84 and 7888-1983.
Under current rules have taken water samples from source water supply basin and watered. Following tests carried out to contatat that a number of physico-chemical parameters of water holding not correspond to the MAC (the concentration) of Laws 458/2002 and 311/2004 on drinking water quality.
Thus, supply basin, following the results of two determinations were made for:
-Fixed residue 807 mg / l - 840 mg / l, compared with 800 mg / l CMA
-Ammonia 3.15 mg / L, 3.11 mg / l to 0.50 mg / l CMA
-Phosphates 0.986 mg / l 0.900 mg / l to 0.5 mg / l APC.
Based on these results lead farmers must implement measures to improve drinking water quality, such as filtering water, checking and possibly changing the waste pipe, cleaning the basin of accumulation and eventually replace the concrete floor of the basin.

Key words: health, law, standard water, analysis