Gabriela Dumitru

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Gabriela Dumitru, Elena Ciornea

The researches from the present study had as main objective the determination of the maintenance condition for three cyprinid species (Cyprinus carpio, Carassius auratus gibelio and Aristichthys nobilis) of two summer-old from a systematic farm of Iasi County. For this we referred to the calculating on the values of height, fattening, quality and fleshy indices, which permit a subsequent morphological and physiological characterization of a fish population, from a certain exploitation or geographical area. As regards the methods of work, it were used the classical variants applied in the selection and melioration practice at fish, all the obtained results being rigorous analyzed and interpreted statistically, referring to the calculation of a big number of statistical parameters. Thus we can mention, on the basis of the average confidence interval limits that the corporal weight varies between 371.409-622.19 g in common carp, 131.263-263.936 g in Prussian carp and 648.111-955.888 g in bighead carp. Kiselev index values (1.09 in Prussian carp, 1.13 in common carp and 1.47 in bighead carp) and that of the profile one indicate a higher expressivity and a harmonious degree of development for Prussian carp and common carp, whereas the Fulton coefficient and the fleshy index classifies the bighead carp and the common carp on the first places as to the most accentuated degree of fattening, as well as the biggest percent weight of the head versus the standard length of the body.

Key words: cyprinids, body indices, systematic farm