Lidra Zegali


Lidra Zegali, Galantina Canco, Tatjana Dishnica

Interaction among experts of advisory services and animal husbandry farmers is the heart of the practice and the primary challenge for the advisory companies in the efforts to achieve positive results and the accomplishment of their goals. The companies and their experts besides employing the intercommunicating capacities in their approach they must complete winning communication strategies, effective and in compliance with the objectives of the governments. Agricultural production participates more than 50 % in the GDP in Albania, at a time when the quality of their management continues to remain a challenge for the government. According to the survey we have conducted, almost 70% of the respondents accept that they do not understand the contemporary methods of technology and finance, at a time when the structures of the Ministry of Agriculture have contacted almost of the farmers in the framework of the extension policies. The model of the good communication implies that different things should be given to different people under different circumstances, becomes more important when applied to husbandry. Organization and economic problems that exist in farms have been analyzed in this paper, as well as the methods used to achieve success with the farmers, new concrete strategies of communication that aim to ensure effectiveness. In Albania there are already 350270 farms from which 85% are mixed, agricultural livestock.

Key words: Extension services, effective communication, agriculture and husbandry development, quantity of communication flow, quality of communication flow