N. Zaharia


N. Zaharia, C. Pascal, Roxana (Miron) Zaharia, A.C. Sava

The purpose of the research was to study the milk potential specific to goats reared in north-eastern part of Romania, biological material taken in the study being a nucleus of adult goat growing in area of Neamt County. To properly assess the characters which depends milk potential, on the goats studied was determine the milk production and the main elements of which depend its quality. In order to assess the milk ability has been apply the monthly checks method and milk quality was determined on milk samples obtained after milking. Following the production controls, it was found that in the interval from May to July, the average yield achieved was 62.19% of total milk produced in that lactation. Regarding the main components of milk, were differences between values determined at the beginning and end of lactation. Thus, fat content had an inverse trend compared with the amount of milk, the mean increased from 3.619 0.118% in May to 5.999 0.141% in October. Total lactose in milk increased from an average value of 4.039 0.051% in May, to 4.262 0.046% in the last month of lactation. The data obtained are important and can be used to improve milk production from local goats.

Key words: goat, milk, quantity, quality