Cornelia Elena Tureac


Cornelia Elena Tureac, I. Bordean, A.G. Turtureanu

The theme of this study is a micro-farm for poultry farming in extensive system for egg consumption, with the purpose of achieving and capitalizing the production of obtained eggs. The micro-farms as the one that makes the object of this study will gradually replace the egg production of small farmers. The project provides an increased activity of the layers on the permanent bed plus blankets. Even if it is a relatively small, a familial poultry farm provides jobs for four peoples and its achieving high labor productivity: 1.8 million eggs, respectively about 27.5 thousand euros per person. The farm aims to carries finished products that can be delivered directly to the market, without including intermediaries in the relationship producer market. Basically, the farm can deliver to the market fresh, dietetic eggs, the production of a day being possible to reach on the market until the next day. Most of the raw materials of which are provided the farming prescriptions can be ensured from the own farm, establishing a link between the agricultural production and the poultry, link enhanced and through the fowl manure that will increase the agricultural fertility of the area. In addition to the profits that can bring this agricultural exploitation to the small investor, these are found under the National Rural Development Plan for 2007-2013 and are adapting to the UE standards.

Key words: micro-farm of laying hens, rural development