Şt. Creangă


Şt. Creangă, V. Maciuc, V.A. Balteanu

Biological material studied is represented by 30 head of breed cows Sura de stepa, exploited in a semi-intensive system, calves linked to SCDCB Dancu, Iasi. The importance of this core is mainly scientific interest related to the maintenance pedigree bred and owned by the great historical role in the formation of improved breeds in our country. With the disappearance of the breed would disappear and a number of special features such as adaptability, particularly in disease resistance, high percentage of fat in milk, etc. In first lactation was achieved 62.69% of the maximum lateness value showing Sura de stepa breed for milk production. The amount of milk ranged between 1589.64 kilograms (lact. I) and 2535.43 kilograms of you who are lactating and maximum lactation. From the sixth lactation milk quantity SCAT, reaching lactating VIII value of 1078.5 kg. Percentage of fat in lactation to achieve maximum value 4.71% that will. The same trend is observed and the percentage of protein in lactation of you has a value of 3.71%. Variability in the characters mentioned is intermediate to high (V = 6.09 to 12.06%) which provides a wide field of population improvement through selection and training of lines for quantitative and qualitative indicators of milk production. Also, the race Sura de stepa were revealed following systems polymorphous protein: alpha-casein S1 (αS1-cz), beta-casein (-cz), kappa-casein (K-cz), beta-lactoglobulin ( - lg), alpha-lactoglobulin (α-la) and alpha-casein S2 (αS2-CZ). The system αS1-cz allele, αS1-Cn B has the highest frequency, the system -cz, allele -Cn A2 into the K-cz, k-Cn B allele frequency is highest, the system - lg, as heterozygous AB has the highest frequency - alleles were balanced into the α-la, meets monomorfism for allele α-La B and similar to the system in αS2-cz for allele αs2-Cn A.

Key words: race, quality, milk, genetic conservation