Sri Bandiati Komar Prajoga


Sri Bandiati Komar Prajoga, M.A. Rahmat Tunisa

The research about Body Part Measurement Comparison on Mature Thoroughbred Crossbreed Horse was conducted in the Village of Parongpong, Sub district of Cisarua, of West Bandung Regency. This study was held to find out the comparison of body parts measurement and feet conformational defect of mature Thoroughbred crossbreed horses. Research method used case study on 57 mature horses. The comparison was done by counting the percentage of each ideal proportion of body parts on length of body that assume 100%, while the ideal conformation condition and feet conformation defect of whole population was described by a statistical analysis. Body part compared (a = length from throat to withers) equal to (b = length from withers to croup), (d = length from withers to elbow) and (e = length from elbow to ground), (c = length from croup to dock) half length of (a), (b), (d) or (e), Length of (x = length from shoulder to knee) should longer than (y = length from knee to ground) and (m = length from stifle to hock) should longer than (n = length from hock to ground). The result indicated conformational defect of front leg comprised of splayfooted 40.35%, pigeon toed 1.75%, base wide and base narrow 5.26%, camped under 7.02%, bucked kneed 10.35%. Conformation defect of rear leg comprised of extreme cow hock and splay footed 3.51%, bow kneed and cow hock 1.75%, base wide 14.04%, base narrow 35.09%, sickle hock 35.09%, coon footed 3.51%, camped under 10.53%. Most of body parts of a, b, c, d and e compared to the criteria of ideal body part condition, it showed on good note (0.05% non-sign). Conclusions: There was no any body parts conformation of observed horses similar to description of Mc Bane and Helen (1990), however, the deviation was very small and can be tolerated. Most observed horses had normal feet form and conformation. The percentage of an ideal shoulder angle (40o - 45o) was hundred percents and the percentage of ideal pastern angle was almost hundred percents.

Key words: Body Part, Thoroughbred-Crossbred