Nicoleta Borta


Nicoleta Borta, Aida Albu, Cecilia Pop, I. M. Pop

The existence of pollutants in feed is a special problem in animal production, particularly in the light of current approaches to food safety for consumers of food of animal origin. Pollutants, whatever group they are by high concentrations of soil and in plants or in foods, their toxic effect may be critical risks that could affect not only products but also animal health. Researches undertaken have focused on heavy metals, because they tend to be bioaccumulative. For carrying out the research it were collected feed samples from the two establishments in the area of Iasi, and as a method for the determination of lead and cadmium was used method by flame for atomic absorption spectophotometry (AAS) using the flame device GBC - AVANTA. Analysis of data that resulted in all kinds of feed was demonstrated residues present of Pb and Cd. The highest rate of accumulation of heavy metals was noticed in full fat soybean for the Pb content and in sunflower groats for content in Cd. However the results obtained for Cd and Pb are well below standards on LMA in Ord. ANSVSA no. 18/2007, in force in Romania.

Key words: feeds, pollutants, lead, cadmium