D.M. Andrei

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D.M. Andrei, Laurentia Diaconu

By thinking interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity either in theory or in practice we can approach the real facet, of natural phenomena, where we find all the elements blending toghether to make an intercorelated whole.
Interdisciplinarity was chosen as a method of absortion of knowledge due to all the more intense tendency of science to assert itself but also because of the crossing over from one discipline/subject matter science to another, because of obvious connexions between them, logically speaking, for science has a systematic working pattern. It is when the interdiscyiplinarity correlation enters the teaching process submitting itself to didactic logics, that we can discuss interconnection among various subject matters included in the educational process. Thus, the interdisciplinary connection becomes an issue of didactic methodology.
The present paper underlines a few problems specific to Ecology as subject matter, where matematics, in an interdisciplinary way, is used as an indispensabil working instrument.

Key words: mathematics, ecology, tool, teaching