Academic offer

In according with the Law 288/24th of June 2004 and in the context of Romania joint to European Union, higher education is organized pursuant to directives of Bologna process, in 3 levels, Bachelor degree, Master degree and PhD degree.

Faculty of Animal Sciences, as a part of U.A.S.V.M “Ion Ionescu de la Brad”, Iasi, presents a varied academic offer, which covers the study programs characteristic to all 3 study levels.

 Academic study level  Domain  Specialization  Form  Period  Title
 Bachelor studies (first level)  Animal Science  Animal Science  Curriculum 2017-2018  Full-time  4 years
 (8 sem.)
 Diplomat engineer
 Distance learning
 Pisciculture and aquaculture  Curriculum 2017-2018  Full-time
 Engineering and
  management in
 agriculture and
 rural development
 Engineering and management in catering and agritourism  Curriculum 2017-2018  Full-time
 Engineering of alimentary products  Control and expertise of alimentary products
  Curriculum 2017-2018
 Master studies
 (second level)
 Animal Science  Animal nutrition and feeding  Full-time  2 years
 (4 sem.)
 Master in animal
 Reproduction and genetic breeding
 Quality and food safety management
 Management of animal production
 Management of exploitations in
 PhD studies
 (third level)
 Animal Science  Animal feeding  Full-time  3 years
 (6 sem.)
 Doctor in agricultural
 and forestry
 sciences, animal
 science domain
 Cattle and equine exploitation
 Swine exploitation technology
 Piscicultural techniques;
 Genetics and animal breeding  Full-time
 Fowl and fur animals exploitation
 Sheep and goat exploitation
 Animal product technology
  Animal physiology
 Apiculture and sericulture  Full-time