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Specializations and PhD Coordinators

Application form for PhD students - MS Word format
The candidates for the PhD programmes must pass an examination in order to prove they have the necessary background knowledge in the chosen field of study. They also need the scientific coordinator's written agreement.

Domain: Agronomy
Specialization PhD Coordinator
Agrotechnics PhD. Prof. dr. H. c. Gerard JITĂREANU
PhD. Prof. Costica AILINCĂI
Exploitation of Land Improvment Systems PhD. Prof. Daniel BUCUR
Phytopathology PhD. Prof. Eugen ULEA
Phytotechnics PhD. Prof. Teodor ROBU
Plant Phisiology PhD. Prof. Doina Carmenica JITĂREANU
Farm machinery PhD. Prof. Ioan ŢENU
Fodder Plants Production and Preservation PhD. Prof. Vasile VÎNTU
PhD. Prof. Costel SAMUIL
Botany PhD. Prof. Culiţă SÎRBU

Domain: Engineering and Management in Agriculture and Rural Development
Specialization PhD Coordinators
Management in agriculture PhD. Prof. Stejărel BREZULEANU
Marketing in agriculture PhD. Prof. Elena LEONTE
Rural Economy PhD. Prof. Gavril ŞTEFAN

Domain: Horticulture
Specialization PhD Coordinator
Floriculture PhD. Prof. Lucia DRAGHIA
Genetics and Plant Amelioration PhD. Prof. Constantin LEONTE
Vegetable Growing PhD. Prof. Neculai MUNTEANU
PhD, Assoc. Prof. Vasile STOLERU
Plant Protection PhD. Prof. Mihai TĂLMACIU
Fruit Growing PhD. Prof. Mihai ISTRATE
Viticulture and Oenology PhD. Prof. Valeriu V. COTEA
PhD. Prof. Liliana ROTARU

Domain: Animal Husbandry
Specialization PhD Coordinator
Animal Alimentation PhD. Prof. Ioan-Mircea POP
Genetics PhD. Prof. Şteofil CREANGĂ
Cattle and Riding Horses Exploitation Technology PhD. Prof. Ioan GÎLCĂ
Sheep and Goat Exploitation Technology PhD. Prof. Constantin PASCAL
Fowl and Fur Animals Exploitation Technology PhD. Prof. Marius USTUROI
Swine Exploitation Technology
Fish Farming Technology
PhD. Prof. Benone PĂSĂRIN
Animal Product Tehnology
Animal Physiology
PhD. Prof. Paul-Corneliu BOIŞTEANU

Domain: Veterinary Medicine
Specialization PhD Coordinator
Infectious Diseases PhD. Prof. Elena VELESCU
PhD. Prof. Gheorghe SAVUŢA
Parasitical Diseases PhD. Prof. Liviu-Dan MIRON
Microbiology - Immunology PhD. Prof. Mihai CARP-CĂRARE*
Normal and Pathological Morphology PhD. Prof. Corneliu COTEA*
PhD. Prof. Carmen SOLCAN
Obstetrics and Veterinary Andrology PhD. Prof. Dan DRUGOCIU
Semiology and Medical Pathology PhD. Prof. Gheorghe SOLCAN
PhD. Prof. Vasile VULPE

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