Message from the Dean


Dear International / Foreign Guests,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Faculty of Agriculture Iasi, Romania.
Founded in 1912, the Faculty of Agriculture is the oldest and most prestigious Romanian agricultural institution that conferred the first Diploma of Agricultural Engineering in our country.

The Faculty of Agriculture is part of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine and occupies a well defined position within the higher agronomic education environment in Romania and at the European level.

Our Faculty graduate programmes provide a pathway to academia, industry and agency careers for those, whose goal is to lead change in agriculture, food industry and environmental issues.

The Faculty of Agriculture aims to generate knowledge through research, development, innovation and technology transfer, high standard academic training, thus attracting experts and young researchers who have high potential and scientific training. Not only are our research and outreach programmes generating knowledge as they are also disseminating results that add economic value and improve the quality of people’s life.

We are concerned not only with excellence in teaching and research, but also with international exchange and with engaging in continuous dialogue with universities and research institutesfrom all over the world. These collaborations helped us to enhance our staff and student exchange, to join research projects, and to develop laboratory facilities.

Our future interest is to further expand our international partnerships and co-operations in order to continue as a lead agricultural training and research institute.

Prof. Costel SAMUIL, PhD

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