Department of Plant Science

Head of Department

PhD, Prof. Eugen ULEA
email: eulea@uaiasi.ro

Council of Department

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Silvica PĂDUREANU
e-mail: silvyp27@yahoo.com
PhD, Lect. Cristina SLABU
e-mail: cristinaslabu@yahoo.com

List of all the professors of the Department of Plant Science

  PhD, Prof. Eugen ULEA   - Phytopathology;
    - Plant protection;
    - Microbiology;
    - Soil Biology.
  PhD, Prof. Vasile VÎNTU   - Forage and Grassland Crop Production;
    - Pratology and Pratotechnics;
    - Lawns in Parks and Gardens.
  PhD, Prof. Teodor ROBU   - Plant Growing;
    - Vegetable Raw Materials;
    - Medicinal and Aromatic Plants;
    - Collective Agricultural Policy;
    - Project Management.
  PhD, Prof. Costel SAMUIL   - Fodder for Small Animals;
    - Fodder Processing and Preserving Technology.
  PhD, Prof. Culiţă SÎRBU   - Botany
  PhD, Prof. Constantin LEONTE   - Plant amelioration
  PhD, Prof. Gheorghe ŢÎRDEA   - Genetics
  PhD, Prof. Doina JITĂREANU   - Plant Phisiology
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Aglaia MOGÂRZAN   - Processing of Animal and Vegetable Products;
    - Vegetable Raw Materials;
    - Plant Growing.
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Silvica PĂDUREANU   - Cell Biology
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Dănuţ Petru SIMIONIUC   - Plant Amelioration
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Nela TĂLMACIU   - Entomology.
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Marius Sorin ZAHARIA   - Phytotechny;
    - Plant Cultivation Technology;
    - Environmental Technologies in Crop Production.
  PhD, Lecturer Florin Daniel LIPŞA   - Microbiology
  PhD, Lecturer Lucian CREŢU   - Genetics
  PhD, Lecturer Mariana HUŢANU   - Botany
  PhD, Lecturer Luminiţa PARASCHIV   - Botany
  PhD, Lecturer Steluţa RADU   - Vegetal Products' Processing Techology
  PhD, Lecturer Cristina SLABU   - Ecology
  PhD, Assist. Alina MARTA   - Plant Phisiology
  PhD, Assist. Otilia-Cristina MURARIU   - Technology of processing vegetables and fruits;
    - Quality control of products of animal origin;
    - General technologies in the food industry;
    - Vegetable materials;
    - Agro-alimentary biotechnologies.
  PhD, Asist. Creola BREZEANU   - Medicinal and aromatic plants;
    - Aromatic, seasoning and tincture plants;
    - Vegetable materials;
    - Phytotechnics.
  PhD, Assist. Andreea Mihaela BĂLĂU   - Phytopathology
  PhD, Assist. dr. Mihai STAVARACHE   - Cultivation of meadows and fodder plants;
    - Pratology and pratotechnics;
    - Technology of fodder production and preservation.

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