Department of Agroeconomy

Head of Department

PhD, Prof. Stejărel BREZULEANU
email: stejarel@uaiasi.ro

Council of Department

PhD, Prof. Elena LEONTE
e-mail: egindu@uaiasi.ro
PhD, Lect. Elena PETREA
e-mail: elenapetrea@uaiasi.ro

List of all the professors of the Department of Agroeconomy

  PhD, Prof. Stejărel BREZULEANU   - Management;
  - Management Consulting;
  - Operational Research;
  - Agricultural Production Systems.
  PhD, Prof. Aurel CHIRAN   - Stock Market;
  - Marketing;
  - Costs and Prices in Agriculture;
  - Zooeconomics.
  PhD, Prof. Cecilia POP   - Quality Management;
  - Food Quality and Safety;
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Mihai STANCIU   - Pedagogy;
    - Educational Psychology.
  PhD, Prof. Elena LEONTE   - Marketing;
  - The Economy and Market of Organic Products;
  - International Trade;
  - Management;
  - Marketing and Economic Management;
  PhD, Prof. Gavril ŞTEFAN   - Rural Economy;
  - Financial and Economical Analysis;
  - Agricultural Policies;
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. George UNGUREANU   - Management;
  - Regional Development;
  - Planning Agricultural Holdings;
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Carmen Luiza COSTULEANU   - Accounting;
  - Accounting and Management of Food Units;
  - Fundamentals of Economy;
  - Accounting and Financial Reporting;
  - Financial Management and Banking Operations.
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Carmen-Mariana DIACONU   - Law-merchant and Agricultural Legislation;
  - Legislation and Consumer's Protection;
  - Service Economy;
  PhD, Assoc. Prof. Gabriela IGNAT   - Accounting.
  - Financial Markets;
  PhD, Lecturer Dan DONOSĂ   - Economical Statistics;
  - Political Economy;
  - Company Finances;
  - Financing in Agriculture;
  PhD, Lecturer Radu-Adrian MORARU   - Agrotourism;
  - Environmental Management;
  - Management and Business Planning;
  - Rural Tourism;
  PhD, Lecturer Dan BODESCU   - Services economy;
  - Rural economy;
  - Rural sociology;
  - The economy of production.
  PhD, Lect. Andy Felix JITĂREANU   - Marketing;
    - Zooeconomics.
  PhD, Lect. Olga PÂNZARU   - English.
  PhD, Lect. Elena PETREA   - French.
  PhD, Lect. Catrinel-Simona AVARVAREI   - English;
    - Spanish;
    - Community Institutions and Mechanisms.
  PhD, Lect. Roxana MIHALACHE   - English;
    - Italian.
  PhD, Lect. Florin MURARIU   - Physical Education and Sport.
  PhD, Assist. Eduard BOGHIŢĂ   - Political Economy;
  - Rural Economy;
  - Rural Estimate;
  PhD, Assist. Elena VELESCU   - French;
    - German.
  PhD, Assist. Alexandru-Dragoş ROBU   - Project management;
  - Business management;
  - Human resources management;
  - Communication and public relations;
  - Agricultural policies;
  - Management and planning for business.
  PhD, Assist. Ştefan VIZITEU   - Management;
  - General management;
  - Strategic management;
  - Systems of agricultural production;
  - Rural development.
  Assist. Cornel-Florin GORBAN   - Physical Education and Sport.

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